Virtuelle Tour EDEKA Supermarkt

Feinkost Supermarkt Düsseldorf | Virtuelle Tour mit 11 verknüpften Panoramen
Feinkost Supermarkt Düsseldorf | 09.2009 | Virtuelle Tour mit 11 verknüpften Panoramen

Feinkost Supermarkt Edeka Zurheide, Düsseldorf – Supermarkt des Jahres 2011 – Virtuelle Tour mit 11 verknüpften Panoramen. Panoramafotos von Chris Witzani.

„Edeka Feinkost“ refers to the fine foods or gourmet products available at Edeka, a large supermarket chain in Germany. Edeka is known for offering a wide range of grocery items, including high-quality and specialty food products. Their Feinkost section typically includes items like fine cheeses, charcuterie, fresh produce, artisan bread, wine, and other gourmet items. Edeka aims to provide a diverse selection of products to cater to various culinary preferences and offer customers the opportunity to purchase premium food items.